Our Process

We began this journey with a desire to honour the legacy of our mothers through spirit.  To create two unique and distinctive products that would reflect the lives, loves and flavours our mothers enjoyed.

We settled on the idea of making gin because of the level of complexity that can be achieved with gin, across both the palate and nose/scent.

A great deal of time was spent on developing each recipe and sourcing quality ingredients. While this part of the process is incredibly exciting and inspiring, it is also about patience and very detailed note taking, as well as tasting and fine tunning! Very careful attention is paid to measuring out the quantities of ingredients used and a deep focus on the distillation process itself so the recipe could be scaled up.

Our gins are produced using a ‘one shot method’. This means that there are no additional flavours or extra neutral spirit added to the gin after the distillation is complete.

Our ingredients are meticulously weighed and then placed into the copper still pot together using a high quality neutral spirit and pure water to bring the alcohol % down to our desired strength for distillation. Using a jacketed column still heated with oil, we avoid any scorching or burning of the ingredients. With careful monitoring and specific cut points in the distillation process we are able to land at our desired profile. This spirit is then allow the to rest for two weeks before we proof down to our desired strength for bottling and hand labelling.